Category: Credit Card Tips

Using Credit Cards to Insure Your Car Rental

The next time you take a trip somewhere away from home are you going to get a rental car? If so, what is your answer going to be when they ask if you need their insurance coverage.  There are three possible choices you can choose from for your answer: No thanks, I have my own […]

Credit Card Interest Rates: Up for Negotiation

Don’t like the interest rate on your current credit card? There are a few ways to change the amount you are paying on the money you borrow through a credit card company. Low Interest Credit Cards A lot of people just get used to the credit cards they have and stick with them year after […]

Keep Your Eyes Open To Keep Your Credit Card Safe

How often do you take a close look at your credit card bill? If you think you don’t need to, Actor James Woods would disagree with you. The actor was looking at his credit card bill and found that there were thousands of dollars in charges that he had not put on the card. Some […]

Getting Credit Cards that Help Your Bottom Line

The keys to credit card use are using them responsibly, knowing what you are spending, and, if you can, getting your credit cards to work for you to keep your spending in check. If you are like most people, you are struggling to get by from month to month. It seems as soon as a […]

Know Your Due Dates to Keep Good Credit Credit Cards

Many people like to blame credit cards for all their financial problems. Somehow, they have come to a conclusion that if they did not have credit cards, they would not be in the financial hard place they have found themselves in. But the truth is quite the opposite. Credit cards can be very useful and […]